AboveBoard is a lifestyle brand on a mission to cultivate a Mindful & Sustainable World.

AboveBoard Mindful & Sustainable Clothing, Ethical Fashion, Interconnectedness

 We SEEK mindful connections with the earth and all sentient beings through the products we design, experiences we create and relationships we develop.

We EXPLORE conscious ways to be gentle to the planet, adhere to responsible practices and partner with companies that share our values.

We LIVE by the simplicity of kindness, harmony and gratitude. An emblem of an open ensō (circle) is our logo and reminder that we are One with Something Greater.

Our journey to PURSUE THE OPEN is a means to liberate the mind, breathe the free air and embrace the truth.


The AboveBoard Co. began in San Diego, California as an idea for a clothing brand to be a globally recognized voice for interconnectedness.  A brand that stands for social compassion, environmental wellness, and ethical sourcing.

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