AboveBoard began in San Diego, California as an idea for a clothing brand to be a globally recognized voice for interconnectedness, a force that connects us all.

The AboveBoard name is synonymous with honest, open and legitimate.  Our “Ensō” (circle) logo is a modern representation of a practice that frees the mind from the body to inspire creativity.  The open Ensō expresses the appreciation of imperfect beauty and celebration of universal harmony.


Our spirit to create awareness and propel sustainable options to the mainstream puts our mission to cultivate a mindful & sustainable world into motion.  We are proud to incorporate mindful & sustainable elements with everything we do.

We design minimalist cruelty-free products with premium organic and recycled materials.  We partner with ethical manufacturers that produce superior craftsmanship.  Our clothing is made with top-quality environmentally low impact dyes and water based screen printing.  We ship with eco-friendly packaging.  And we donate to organizations that embody our core values.

Our vision is that every soul will have the opportunity to engage life (and consumption) with both a conscious mind and compassionate heart without sacrificing natural desires.

Joe and Lorena Avitea

The AboveBoard Team, Pursue The Open

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